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Damaged, mossy, dirty, clean; if you want concrete, we've got it. Browse our expansive 3D concrete texture library for photorealistic, ultra high resolution CG textures to use in architectural rendering, interior visualizations, product rendering and games.

Over the long-term, concrete pavers are the true cost-effective solution. And you'll love the way they look! Pavers Don't Last The fact is, concrete pavers are a durable, flexible material that is up to three times stronger than a poured concrete slab. Correctly installed interlocking concrete pavers move and flex as the ground does. Can Pavers Be Installed Over Existing Concrete? Yes, it’s possible, it’s not our go-to choice, but it’s faster and cheaper. That, of course, as long as the concrete is in good condition, which is a crucial point to consider. You have to evaluate the integrity of the concrete slab. Small cracks and stains won’t be a problem..

Reason Five: Cost. One online source stated that a basic (simple pattern) paver installation is initially 30% higher than the same-sized stamped concrete patio. Decorative concrete can give you all the bells and whistles of pavers, i.e., intricate patterns, the look of real stone, natural colors, and custom design for much less cost than pavers.

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With pavers able to cope with four times more weight than concrete, fewer issues are likely. Additionally, if a paver does get damaged, that single paver can be replaced, rather than having to tear up the whole driveway. A concrete driveway typically costs $1,800 to $6,000, while a paver driveway costs $6,000 to $30,000. This is one of the reasons why concrete is a relatively expensive driveway option over the long-term. 1. Concrete Mixed with Aggregate The best type of concrete for driveway aesthetics may just be concrete mixed with aggregate. This type of concrete uses regular concrete mixed with one or more types of aggregate.

Paving solutions for asphalt and concrete. Topcon provides innovative paving solutions for asphalt and concrete. Screed control is the easy part. We also cover variable-depth milling, intelligent compaction and highway-speed surface scans.

In terms of durability, this is where pavers and slabs stand out. Pre-cast pavers and slabs made by Techo-Bloc are nearly three times stronger than poured concrete, with a minimum compressive strength of 8,000 psi and a maximum of 5% water absorption. This means stamped concrete requires more maintenance to keep it looking nice over the years.

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